Fancy Tail Goldfish – Colorful Beauty Gliding Through the Water

Are you seeking to fill a fish pond in your yard, or an indoor aquarium? While many people think of goldfish as boring, they neglect to realize the wide variety of types. The fancy tail goldfish could hardly be called boring with their beautiful tails and fins.

The fancy tail goldfish has a longer, fuller, softer looking tail than the standard goldfish you see in stores. The fins are longer and fuller, too. This gives the fish a very special fluttering appearance as they swim gracefully through the water.

They are not only a great looking fish due to their tail and fins, though. The fancy tail goldfish come in a wide variety of colors, and patterns. While your mind is thinking about the golden orange color of most goldfish, the fancy tail can be white, gold, orange, black, or a mix of those colors. They are beautiful to see and add some thrilling color and excitement to your fish collection.

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The fancy tail variety of goldfish is just as hardy as any other variety. This ensures your investment in fish is safe. They can survive in a wide range of temperatures ranging from almost freezing to tropically warm conditions. They can work great in outdoor ponds in most of the world and easily survive in indoor conditions anywhere.

Keep in mind as you are considering what goldfish to put on display what size of fish you want. While a fancy tail goldfish is a variety of goldfish, they do not grow nearly as large as their more traditional brothers. Where a standard goldfish may become 12-inch or longer in length a fancy tail goldfish rarely exceeds 6-inch long. This smaller size makes them ideal for your indoor aquariums, and still large enough to use in many outdoor ponds.

Fantail goldfish require a food which contains vegetable material in order to sustain proper health. For an outdoor pond, you can include natural plant life, which the goldfish can use to supplement their diet.

One other item you should consider is whether you want your goldfish to spawn. If you want them to lay eggs and have the chance of reproduction you will need to give them a layer of small gravel stones on the bottom of the tank or pond. This is their natural habitat for reproduction, and without it, they will not attempt to reproduce.

You will need to decide if you are going to be highly selective about your fancy tail goldfish or not. The highest quality fish are considered to be the ones with the deepest cuts in their fin separations going almost completely to their back. Most of you will probably not be this selective. You are looking to buy fish which look great in your water displays, not fish to use for breeding purposes.

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The best method of selection for you is probably going to be based upon buying a wide selection of colors and varieties of fancy tails. This will give you the most colorful display. You will enjoy watching them swimming, growing, and feeding for many years to come.

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