Exotic Tropical Fish – Getting Started With Quality Community Fish

One of the problems which new aquarium owners run into is choosing fish which can live together in the tank without one species becoming aggressive and dominant. By carefully choosing your exotic tropical fish you can have an aquarium filled with diverse species, colors, and excitement, while still maintaining a healthy community.

As you get started the important thing to keep in mind is getting fish which are community fish, which peacefully live together. Following is a list of a few species you can intermix and have a great display, while all the fish live together safely.

To start with consider getting a Bristlenose Catfish. Yes, this is one ugly little critter. It moves around the tank doing an important job, though. The Bristlenose is a sucker fish which gleefully moves around cleaning up all the excess algae build-up.

Tetras are one of the exotic tropical fish which work great in community tanks. They are quick, small, and flashy. They make a very little impact on water quality, and as long as you have no aggressive fish which will try to eat them they add great fun to the tank.

Rainbow fish are a colorful choice to add to your community tank. Their multi-colored bodies add interest and fun. Since they are a rather docile fish they do not cause any problems with other tropical fish in your tank. If you are buying very young fish be aware the bright colors do not come in until they reach maturity. Go ahead and get the fish and watch as they go from drab to bright.

Another of the very common tropical fish to add to a community tank are the Platy. They come in a wide variety of species with an even wider array of colors to choose from. The Platy is a great way to increase the color and beauty of your tank while maintaining a nice peaceful tank for all the other fish.

From the same family of fish as the Platy comes the Swordtail. The Swordtail is a small fish with beautiful gold coloration similar to a goldfish. It plays well with other fish in the tank and adds a great element of color.

Combining a variety of fish is what really adds interest and color to your aquarium. Having just one species of fish is often very boring and leaves you feeling disappointed. By having more color, action, and a good variety your tank is never boring. If you choose properly you only require one type of food to feed all of your fish. Water temperature matching is a very important aspect of mixing fish, and should always be checked. Maintaining clean water for all of these varieties is essential.

Exotic tropical fish are not difficult to raise and combine when you use common sense. Avoid buying from department stores which have no idea of the proper mixing of fish, and buy from high quality pet stores. They can give you better advice and help you put together a tank which works successfully year after year.

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