Exotic Reptiles – Choosing Exotic Pets for Extreme Fun

Exotic pets are fun to own. They give you something to talk about and show off. Exotic reptiles are even more fun. They excite half the people you talk to and terrify the other half.

There are many kinds of exotic reptiles you can choose from, but make sure you are ready for the challenges. Most exotic pets come with much higher demands and sometimes more risks. Let us take a look at some of the more exotic reptiles and their associated challenges.

Frilled Lizards are some of the most interesting lizards you will ever find. With their large frilled hood which stands out on their face when they are excited, they are one of the most visually interesting of all lizards. Frilled Lizards were difficult to breed and maintain in captivity until various Australian groups undertook a major effort in learning the proper ways to breed and maintain these exotic pets. Expect a few extra challenges with this species because you are likely heading out on your own. Not many hobbyists have started keeping this unique breed.

Caiman Lizards are one of the very exotic reptiles and should be avoided by all but the most skilled handlers. Caiman Lizards have powerful jaws and are very willing to use them on unsuspecting handlers. This is one lizard which should never be in the home with children.

The Peach Throat Monitor is considered an intermediary species for people wanting to handle the most difficult breeds of lizards in captivity. What does this mean for you? It means this is one of the exotic reptiles you probably wish to avoid. They are very large, requiring massive cages. They will never be tamed but can be controlled. Most Monitor lizards are far larger than the average enthusiast wants to maintain.

Instead of going to the extreme like many of these exotic reptiles why not try something unusual but easy to care for like the Albino Leopard Gecko. Leopard Geckos are among the easiest lizards and reptiles to raise. The Albino Leopard Gecko adds the unique distinction of their special coloration.

Exotic reptiles do not mean difficult to maintain, or crazy extremes. There is nothing much more exotic looking than a blood red albino corn snake, but they are extremely easy to care for and raise. Corn snakes are recognized as one the best snakes for beginners to reptiles and are great for families with children. The Blood Red Albino Corn Snake is exotic due to the bright red color which looks fabulous.

Your hunt for exotic reptiles does not need to steer you into extreme challenges. Stay away from the most difficult species and find yourself exotic options within the most popular and easy to care for families of lizards, snakes, and turtles. It will keep your life simple while still giving you a pet which spurs interest and conversation. Driving yourself crazy with hard to manage pets is not the best way to enjoy your love of reptiles.

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