Exotic Lizards – From Unusual To Downright Weird

Having pet lizards are already heading into territory most of your friends and family have not ventured. Taking the next step and getting exotic lizards increases your oddity as a pet owner and your fun.

One of the more fun and interesting of exotic lizards is the Veiled Chameleons. These beautiful lizards have the common trait among Chameleons of being able to change their body coloration. The Veiled Chameleon’s color does not change as much due to surroundings as due to their emotional state. They will vary in color from a very drab looking olive green to a very bright neon green. When they are at full brightness they stand out brightly in the aquarium. At their drabbest coloration, they can easily blend away into the vegetation. Buying veiled chameleons as small babies can be great fun. They are small enough to fit on your fingertip.

Exotic Pet Store – Is It Time For A Special Exotic Pet?

The Black Tree Monitor is one of the most exotic lizards you can own, and must only be purchased by very experienced handlers. This is not a beginners pet. The Black Tree Monitor can reach lengths of 4 feet. They can be somewhat aggressive, sporting sharp claws which can scratch and open a nasty wound. The Black Tree Monitor is also a notorious biter when it feels threatened. It requires live food in the forms of insects, small lizards, mice, or other small mammals. With the deep black colors it is a very beautiful lizard, but unless you are highly prepared for a challenging pet this exotic lizard may be one you wish to avoid.,

The African Red Sided Skink is one of the prettiest lizards you can own. With the beautiful red, black, and white patterns running down their body they are highly attractive. Skinks are normally very easy to care for eating a variety of vegetable and meats. They do not require anything extreme in their reptile cages. If you want exotic lizards which are easy to care for, reasonably priced, and are beautiful check into the Skink family.

Exotic Reptiles – Choosing Exotic Pets for Extreme Fun

The Yellow Niger Uromastyx is one of the exotic lizards which requires a very special habitat. These lizards have beautiful coloration in yellow, black, and grays. What makes them a real challenge is their need for high heat and low humidity. They come out of extreme desert environments which you will need to imitate. Their primary diet is vegetable based on being primarily a herbivore. This is another lizard best left to the hands of experienced hobbyists.

Lizards For Sale – Danger Included Free of Charge

While buying exotic lizards is very tempting, make sure you balance your choice with common sense. What are their special needs? Are you prepared to give up a large amount of space for large lizards like Iguanas and Monitors? Are you ready to create extreme environments for desert lizards? The most important aspect may be to avoid aggressive lizards with sharp claws, teeth, and who use their tails as whips. This is especially true if your family includes children. Exotic lizards are fun, but only when purchased with your eyes wide open.

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