Embroidered Dog Collars – Giving Your Dog the Personalized Look

Do you want to give your dog a special gift to show off their individuality? Embroidered dog collars could be the perfect way to make your statement.

The great thing about giving embroidered dog collars to either your dog or even as a gift for a friend’s dog is how personalized they can be. This is especially true if you choose to make your own. Then not only is the design one of kind but so is the craftsmanship. The dog collar is handcrafted and completely unique in the world. You can choose the colors to match the owner’s favorite colors.

If you want to make the dog collar even more special, have it embroidered with the dog’s name. Then everyone can know who that crazy dog is running around their feet. You can find many services online to make your embroidered dog collars. If you check with your local pet stores or pet supply warehouses they may have lists of people making custom items for dogs. You can even explore local art festivals and events. Very often you can find local craftspeople and artists who specialize in embroidering and have added dog collars to their line-up of products. These pieces have will often have higher quality than the machine made pieces you can buy through mass retailers.

An embroidered collar can be a better option for customization than using studs or other metal items for the design. The metal studs can easily start falling out, or if the collar comes loose and your puppy or dog starts chewing on the collar they may swallow the metal pieces. Embroidered threads are tightly woven into the collar and are less likely to come loose, and even if they do the threads will easily pass through the canine digestive systems without any chance of injury. The small metal pieces have the potential of scratching your dog’s digestive system causing further problems.

It is not only customized dog collars with are embroidered. When you start looking around you will find a wide range of embroidered dog collars with cute designs from flowers to cartoon caricatures, too clever sayings. You can find all kinds of styles to match either your dog’s personality or the statement you wish to make about your dog. You can choose from bright colors to very subtle earth tones for the embroidered patterns. If you really want the message to pop-out to choose the brightest colors you can tolerate. Everyone will be sure to notice the announcement embroidered on your dog’s collar.

Most times embroidered dog collars will be made using nylon dog collars. These collars are very strong and weather resistant. A few brave souls even embroider patterns into leather collars. This takes a very strong machine or fingers to penetrate the leather consistently. For the longest lasting embroidered collar stay with the nylon varieties. You are going to love all the options to customize your dog with their fancy new collar.

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