Elevated Dog Feeders – Why You Should Be Using An Elevated Dog Feeder

Is your dog eating off the floor? Maybe they are not literally eating off the floor, but for most dogs, their food and water bowls are down on the floor. Using elevated dog feeders helps get their food and water away from the floor, but there are even more important benefits.

Have you stopped to watch your dog when he is eating? Notice how their necks are bent down. Imagine trying to eat with your neck in that same position. Swallowing is harder, drinking is difficult. You will notice your dog lifts their head before they swallow. If you try eating with a bent throat, you will be lifting your head to swallow, also.

Imagine now how much easier it would be for your favorite pet to eat if they could hold their head up a little more with an elevated dog feeder. They will swallow easier, and will not have the tendency to wolf down their food. You will gain a nice benefit, too. When your dog can swallow easier they spill less food and water onto the floor. You will have less clean up work to do around the feeding area. Instead of spending 10 minutes per day mopping up around the dog dishes, you can spend the time scratching behind their ears for being a good dog.

If you have a large dog, you can picture how much more benefit they get from elevated dog feeders. They are bending down much further and putting more stress on their throat when they eat. Some of these large breeds are at higher risks of stomach bloat which can be fatal. By helping them to eat properly you may avoid starting the air flowing into the stomach which leads to bloat.

When it is possible to give your dog more comfort and better health, is it worth a few extra dollars to you? The improvement in your dogs eating habits is going to surprise you. They are going to slow down, have fewer spills, and have fewer problems with their stomach after eating.

There is one more reason every dog owner may want to consider going elevated with their feeders. You can find very stylish, beautiful dog feeders which change the eating area from being an irritatingly ugly spot in your home into a more decorative area. Some of the elevated feeders switch from beauty to added functionality, giving you a storage box for the dog’s dried food right underneath the two bowls. By using elevated feeders you are adding a better appearance, more usability, and enhancing your dog’s health.

Elevated dog feeders do not cost much more than the traditional on the floor dog feeders. When you factor in the saving in lost food, and potential visits to the vet, the elevated feeder is likely to save you money. Choosing to elevate should be an easy decision for you. Invest the few dollars and change your dog’s life.

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