Electric Dog Collars – The Best Training Tool or Cruelty To Dogs?

The first vision uninformed people get when they hear about electric dog collars is of a painful shock making the dog scream in pain and drop to their bellies. Is this the vision you have? You need to take a few minutes to learn the truth behind these powerful training tools and discover why they are actually one of the most humane ways to train your dog.

One of the biggest problems with some dogs is their constant barking. Every movement in the yard, every tiny sound sends them into a frenzy of barking. Even when there is no stimulus they start barking just to hear themselves. It drives you crazy, and the neighbors are complaining. Is it more humane to train your dog to quit barking, or to take him to the dog pound where they risk execution? If the pain of an electric dog collar was high, then the answer would be difficult, but the pain is a minor annoyance shock instead of pain.

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An electric dog barking collar uses a very mild shock to disrupt your dog’s behavior. When they start barking you can give instant feedback to stop the behavior. It would be the equivalent of giving your child a mild spank on the hand to stop them from putting their fingers in the fan. There is one other reason this method is more humane. The most common method people use for trying to make their dogs obey is yelling and intimidation. Do you picture this producing a tighter bond with your pet, or destroying it?

The electric dog collars are a remote method of discipline. The dog is not even aware you are giving the discipline. They simply learn when they use a particular habit they get negative feedback, so they learn to stop.

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Electric training collars are not only to stop barking but can be used to train your dog physical boundaries. You may not want to install a physical fence in your yard, but you need a way to train your dog to stay in the yard. Even if you have a fence, many dogs learn ways over the fence, under the fence, or through the fence. Electric dog collars combined with transmitters create an invisible electric fence. Instead of the joy of escape when getting away, your dog is given a mild annoying shock. They discover staying in the yard is pleasant, going out of the yard is uncomfortable.

Once again this brings up the question, is it more humane to allow your dog to run free and risk being hit by a car, or more humane to use electric dog collars and train them to stay safely in the yard? Training collars are not cruel, or even painful, they are just a very effective means to train your dog to obey. When your dog is well trained it is not only you who is happier, your dog is happy knowing his boundaries, and no longer hear all the shouting from you and the neighbors. It is cruel to not properly train your dog.

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