Dog Poop Bags – Harvest Your Doggy Poop the Proper Way

Can you remember the good old days? You could take your dog for a walk, let him poop, and then just stroll away. Or do you remember the bad old days, when you could walk down the road and step in a pile of fresh doggy poop? Dog poop bags have become an essential part of city life, and you should know a few facts to make sure you get the bags you really want.

While no one loves to carry along dog poop bags while they take their pet for a walk, it has become an essential item. Many cities now have ordinances requiring owners to scoop up their dogs waste and to dispose of it properly. Breaking this ordinance is often accompanied by a stiff fine, one you definitely wish to avoid.

Dog poop bags come in several varieties you need to be familiar with. The first kind and most readily available are the biodegradable plastic bags. You will find these in almost every superstore, pet supply store, and many grocery stores in their pet food aisle. These bags will safely hold the dog poop and are considered safe for you to drop into any trash receptacle for disposal.

Another kind of poop bag is the flushable variety. You may not find these in the supercenters or grocery stores but are found in large pet supply stores, online pet stores. Instead of dropping the offending dog poop in the trash, you simply drop the entire bag in the toilet and hit the handle to flush it all away.

The third kind of bag can be found as an addition to the two previous styles. The additive here is the scent. These scented bags can help mask the smell you are now carrying along with you. Some people love scented bags, and others think combining the smell of the bag along with the dog poop just makes matters worse. Only you can decide what works for your nose.

Along with buying dog poop bags, there are two critical accessories you may want. The first is a dispenser. You can buy bag dispensers which clip onto your waistband or belt when taking the dog for a stroll, or even some which attach to the leash. This keeps a plentiful supply of bags with you, just in case that first stop was not the end of the job.

The other accessory you may wish to have along is a dog poop shovel or scoop. You can choose to turn the bag inside out and pick it up by hand, but many people do not find this very pleasant. Having a shovel or scoop can make the chore less painful and get you back on the walk faster.

While dog poop bags are not a fun part of having a dog, they have become very essential. If you have ever stepped in a fresh pile of doggy poop you can understand the need for these ordinances. If all of our neighbor’s dogs left their messes around our yard or walking paths we would be upset, too. Be a good neighbor and have a good supply of doggy poop bags with you on every walk.

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