Dog Obedience Tips – Increase Your Control Over Your Dog’s Behavior

Do you have a disobedient dog? A dog who constantly seem to be barking at the wind, running away, or you might even be feeling challenged trying to get them housebroken. These few dog obedience tips can help you get on the right foot to better training.

As an important beginning, you must understand the nature of dogs. They cannot relate current reward and punishment to past events. You must endeavor to catch your dog doing the right action and give praise and rewards immediately. The same is true with inappropriate behavior. If you cannot correct them instantly, then the punishment, or discipline, will be ineffective.

Here is an illustration of why immediate action is so important. If your dog likes to run away the moment you release them from the leash and goes tearing around the neighborhood for hours, how do you react? Many dog owners when they see their dog arriving back home exhausted from their playful day, go outside screaming at the dog, with a rolled up newspaper to discipline them. Do you have any idea what the dog just learned? They have learned COMING HOME is bad. When you come home you are punished. Not the message you want.

This is why electric dog fences, shock collars, and other immediate punishment methods are highly effective. They give the dog the discipline at the time of the problem.

This same event is commonly the problem when people are housebreaking their dog. You come home after a hard day at work, you walk in the door to be greeted by your excited dog. Then you notice over in the corner a nice big pile of dog poop. You haul the dog over to their mess, stick their nose in it, and give them a swat, along with a sermon about waiting. Your dog just learned you do not like dog poop. They need to learn to hide it out of your view more effectively. Again, not the lesson you want to teach them.

The most important of all dog obedience tips is timing. You will hear tips about using leash and collar training. You will hear advice about reward training. You will hear stories about using electric collars. All of those techniques can be highly effective, but only when applied at the exact right times. This is one of the biggest advantages to leash and collar training, it is always done as a partnership between the dog and owner, meaning feedback is instant.

Once you understand the significance of timing you can be effective in training your dog tricks and to be obedient to almost any technique. The best methods are to use a combination of discipline and reward. When your dog is failing to do the right thing, immediately correct them in a stern voice or another disciplinary measure. When your dog does the right thing, give them lavish praise, attention, and possibly a treat, just make sure this praise and treat are instantly after the proper action. Using just this simple advice is going to have you leaping ahead of other dog owners ineffective training. The timing is perfect.

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