Dog Modeling – Is Your Dog Ready For Their Debut?

Do you have a really cute looking dog? Your dog looks great every time the camera snaps, and the pictures always come out great. You may be able to earn some extra money by entering the world of dog modeling.

Dog modeling does require a few special traits on the part of your dog. The first requirement is your dog must be extremely cute. Before jumping to any conclusions, get some professionally taken headshots of your dog and ask an agent what they think. They will either be ready to pursue dog modeling jobs for you, or they may tell you “Sorry, there is no demand for your dog.”

Start watching television commercials, looking through magazines, and watching the advertising inserts in Sunday’s newspaper. Take a close look at the dogs in these advertisements and ask yourself if your dog compares favorably. You may notice it is rare to find a black dog in the advertisements. It will not eliminate your dog from modeling but definitely reduces the job opportunities.

Training is the next big item. Your dog must be well behaved and trained to follow simple commands. When the photographer wants your dog to lay down, they need it to happen now, and for the dog to stay in position until the shots are finished. Take the time to train your dog well, and getting modeling jobs will become much easier. Adding skills of step back, step forward, and any other body movement skills can help you and the photographer have an easier photo shoot. This is often the key to getting callbacks and future jobs for your pet.

If your dog has passed these first few hurdles, the challenge becomes finding work. The easiest place to start is by talking to local modeling agents. They may handle animals already, but if not they will know who deals with animal models and will give you a referral. Finding these jobs on your own will be very difficult. Advertisers rarely post their needs. They work with agents to make sure they are not inundated with every pet owner who thinks their dog, cat, or other pet is cute and destined to be a star.

Dog modeling is not a get rich idea. This is an idea which takes work and effort on your part, too. You can potentially make enough to cover all your pet costs and a little extra for your own pocketbook. It is rare to have a dog which becomes a major modeling, acting, or performing star. It is a hobby or profession, you can share with your dog, having a lot of fun, and then making a few dollars along the way.

The biggest reason to enter into dog modeling may not even be the money. It is fun being able to tell your friends and family your dog is cuter than theirs. When they start the debate you can pull out the list of modeling jobs your dog has completed, a sure way to make them agree you are the winner this time.

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