Dog Grooming Tips – Making Your Dog Look Ready For The Show

How much grooming are you currently doing your own dog? Are you just taking them to a dog groomer and dropping them off? With a few dog grooming tips, you can do many parts of the grooming yourself, saving money.

While you can learn how to cut your own dog’s hair, this is one area most dog owners shy away from. This is especially true if the dog is going to have a special haircut, like a poodle. If it is just a simple trim, then go ahead and give it a try. You can buy inexpensive dog clippers for under $50. The clippers come with instructions on how to do simple trimming, and you will be surprised how easy it really can be.

The more common dog grooming items owners take over include bathing, cleaning ears, clipping nails, and brushing. Here are a few tips to help you with better success on these grooming items.

Cleaning your dog’s ears can be easy. The important portion of this chore is to clean gently and not too deeply. Make sure your dog feels like this is a good relaxing time by scratching them behind the ears. Using a cotton swab is recommended, but make sure to be very careful. Your dog’s ears are very sensitive.

Clipping nails are one item which frightens many new dog owners. You worry about cutting too deeply and possibly injuring the dog. Follow the guidelines which come with the clippers, and you may even want to watch closely while a groomer does the job one time for you. The biggest challenge to clipping nails is keeping your dog calm. Make sure you have them on a leash, and treat them gently, taking time to pet them and reassure them. The more you relax, the more they relax.

Bathing dogs are fairly simple, even though you see all the horror videos of dogs running away from their bath. Your dog may love baths or may dislike them, but you need to take control. Put them on a leash, and restrict them to the area of the bath. Give them plenty of praise during the bath, and do not raise your voice if they shake all over you. If you become loud, the dog will want to run from the bath. Often you can reduce their natural instinct to shake by simply keeping a hand in the middle of their back.

Brushing is one part of dog grooming you both should enjoy. Most dogs relax and feel like they are having the best petting and scratching session ever. Once again, make sure to keep them on their leash. The leash allows you to maintain control, making the job much easier.

The most important of all dog grooming tips is to make it a fun time for both of you. Do not become excited or worried. If the dog scampers away with only half their nails clipped, come back to it a little while later. The more relaxed you both are during all of your dog grooming the easier it becomes in all future sessions.

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