Dog Behaviorist – Important Concepts Of How A Behaviorist Changes Your Dog

Adding a dog to your home starts an entirely new sequence of events, and often a struggle for control ensues. You may soon discover your dog has developed all kinds of bad behaviors you want to see changed. A Dog behaviorist has been trained to work with you, and your dog, to create changes which last.

Do you understand why your dog is often misbehaving? Many times it is because they are trying to establish dominance. In their minds they are living in a pack They should compete for control of the pack, and try to be the dominant animal in the home. This can become even more pronounced if you have other pets in your home.

You on the other hand deal in a completely different manner. You wish to control through reason and having your pet understand what you want. In many cases, your pet really does not care.

One of the most important starting points you will learn from a dog behaviorist is the importance of you becoming the leader of the pack. Your dog must respect you as the lead animal in the house. If they do not, they will not follow your lead. This is one of the key elements in training, whether it is with a collar and leash, or with a system of rewards.

Yes, even rewards can establish you as the leader of the pack. It put you as the one in charge because you control the food when it is given, and the praise associated with it. Your dog wants to have the food, and if it knows you are the one in charge, it will listen.

In most cases, leash and collar training is more effective in establishing you as the real leader. It represents strength and control. It tells your dog you are the boss, and they must listen.

Before jumping to any conclusions this is harsh, think about a dog let to run wild. They will group into packs. One dog will establish itself as the leader due to strength, often with fighting. Dogs find this as a normal part of their life. Your method of training is much more humane and helps give your dog the security of knowing exactly who is in charge. They no longer need to battle for dominance, because they know who is the leader.

If you want to have the optimal training experience, a dog behaviorist will tell you a combination of discipline, treats, and praise is the perfect recipe. Stop incorrect action instantly and reprimand the dog through a strong in-charge voice. Praise proper action just as quickly with a small treat, praise, and some petting, scratching, and other attention. Your dog quickly learns what actions their leader wants, and does not want. They happily learn to correct their actions to please. By following the ideas from a dog behaviorist you improve your life, and even more importantly, produce a happier dog.

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