Designer Dog Accessories – Who Should Have Better Outfits, You or Your Dog?

In many families our dogs are just a precious as our children, sometimes they are the children. When you love your dogs like your own children, it is completely sensible to outfit them in designer dog accessories to make them look special and fabulous.

Designer dog accessories may not carry the designer labels we expect for our clothes. There is another group of designers who have specialized in making the greatest styles for our dogs. With names like Dog Haute Diggity, Ruff Ruff Coutre, Chromebones, and Fab Dog you will be hard pressed to go wrong. These companies carry great designer dog items.

From Dog Haute Diggity you can adorn your dog with a rhinestone decorated dog collar. The rhinestones spell out the message Pampered Pup, letting the world know this is not a common dog, but the princess of your home. Instead of having a bed from Tiffany’s, you can grab a doggy bed from Sniffany’s. Your dog will sleep in comfort knowing they are not a common dog, they are an extraordinary pet, even if they are just a mixed breed mutt. They are the success story of the block.

From Ruff Ruff Coutre you can find the cutest little doggy dresses imaginable. Your designer dog accessories go to an entirely new stratosphere with these outfits. They do not appear to be made for dogs, they are high quality and look ready to dress a high fashioned baby. Of course, what is our dog, but our own special little baby?

If your dog is a little more manly, and a little on the tougher side of town, then Chromebones should be their designer of choice. The fancy leather and metal collars will make sure no one mistakes them for a princess. They will be letting everyone know they are a highly successful, but tough guy. You can even get them a set of gunmetal bowls to eat out of. No more of those pretty plastic bowls for them, they are making a statement of power and conquest.

Is your dog a little geekier? Maybe he’s the kind of dog who is getting ready to head to the office. Then you need to check the argyle accessories from Fab Dog. With an argyle collar paired up with an argyle sweater vest, your dog will be ready for either a hard day in accounting or running the computer department. For your female dog preparing for a day at the office, the pink polka dot collar would be the perfect accessory. It speaks of being feminine but in charge.

Designer dog accessories are about your dog and you make a statement about who your dog is, and who their owner is. When you love your dog and want them to be decked out in high fashion, it is time to check in with the best designers in dog fashion. You will find a wide variety of styles, personalities, and materials to satisfy both you and your dog’s tastes.

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