Custom Dog Beds – The Lifestyle of The Rich and Famous for Pampered Puppies

Is your puppy or dog the cutest critter in town? Does your dog give you endless joy, and deserves to be pampered? You should consider custom dog beds for your special friends.

A custom bed can be designed to approximate the size of your dog. Dogs enjoy having a comfortable nest to wind themselves up into. When the bed is too big, they start trying to scratch the blanket into a smaller space so they can enjoy it. If the bed is too small, they will pull the blanket out on the floor, instead of sleeping in the bed.

Custom dog beds are not only about size, they give you more choices in styles, fabrics, appearance, and colors. If you are putting a dog bed in a living area which has been carefully decorated, it looks great to have the dog bed match the decor. You can even use the same fabrics which were used for curtains or pillows to decorate the dog bed, so it perfectly matches the room.

For the interior of the dog bed, you need to take two things into consideration, durability, and comfort. You want a material which is soft and warm for your canine buddy to curl up into. Since we know the dog is going to be scratching, and rummaging around to make the area even more comfortable, the lining needs to be extremely strong and durable, too. Natural fibers are more comfortable for your dogs, just as they are for humans.

As you look at options for custom dog beds keep in mind the ease of cleaning. You want the lining and covers to be easily removed and washable. Your dog is guaranteed to make their bed a dirty, smelly, hairy mess. You will want to be able to clean it easily and often to keep smells out of the house.

What about the actual physical shape? You can choose a wide variety of shapes, let your imagination be your guide. Just make sure to keep your dog’s comfort in mind first. Do you want the bed to look like a football or basketball? It could be designed like your favorite Nascar drivers car. You might even want it to look like an over-sized box of dog treats. You can consider all kinds of crazy ideas and then check into the pricing to have it built. The simpler the design, the lower the price. Keep that simple fact in mind as you consider how you want the bed to look.

When you are having the dog bed made, make sure to check into matching blankets to complete the entire package. You will be paying a little extra to have your custom dog beds built compared to buying a standard dog bed from a department store, but your dog is worth it. Having the correct fit, a decor you love and incorporating a little personality makes your dog’s retreat an eye treatment in your home, rather than an eyesore.

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