What You Need To Know About Crested Geckos

Crested Geckos make a great pet for even first time reptile owners. What makes them one of the best pets to choose is their unique crested look.

The Crested Gecko gets their name from the spiny looking crest surrounding their eyes and running down their back. This crest makes them look a bit intimidating even though they are a relatively small lizard. This intimidating look is all for the show. The Crested Gecko is a very docile lizard and one you will be able to easily handle.

How To Choose The Perfect Reptile Habitat

How to feed a crested gecko

Your choice of a Crested Gecko is going to make your life of feeding your pet very easy, too. You will be buying a special Gecko food which looks almost like baby food. It is filled with all the nutrition they need and is available in most pet stores. You simply keep a small bowl of the food in their reptile aquarium and they will lick the food whenever they are hungry.

The Crested Gecko is very fond of live crickets, too. Giving them a few live crickets every few days helps keep them active and alert. Do not expect to see too much of their hunting behavior since most times it is going to be happening while your eyes are closed. The Crested Gecko is a nocturnal hunter and will track down the crickets in the dark.

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What type of gecko cage should you use

The enclosure for your Crested Geckos is very important. Instead of going with a standardly shaped aquarium it is a good idea to go with a reptile aquarium with height, not width. This lizard’s natural habitat is in the trees and you need to provide them with plenty of climbing spots. Make sure there are good places for them to hide in the branches, and provide them with at least one hiding spot on the ground.

The surface of the Crested Geckos cages should be an absorbent material which holds moisture to help keep the humidity levels high. The unfertilized potting soil is one of the least expensive and effective bedding materials. Avoid using any bedding material which will allow the crickets to burrow and hide from the Gecko, especially wood chips.

The correct temperature for your gecko

Your Crested Geckos can live very comfortably in normal room temperatures making them ideal. They can tolerate temperatures from 60 degrees up to a maximum of 85 degrees. Their ideal temperature range is between 73 to 76 degrees, but slight variations are fine. Do not allow for rapid fluctuations in temperature which can cause unnecessary stress. Putting your enclosure near an air conditioner or heating vent is not a good idea. The direct exposure to heating and cooling will cause too rapid of changes in their environment.

How To Choose The Perfect Reptile Habitat


The Crested Gecko is one of the most interesting and fun to own lizards. With their ease of care, they are a lizard you can enjoy for many years. At only 8” long they are great for apartments and smaller homes. It would be very hard to go wrong by choosing Crested Geckos as your first reptile pets.

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