Clumping Cat Litter – Incredible Savings By Using Clumping Litter

What is the most aggravating part of taking care of your cat? There are very few cat owners who will not place dealing with cat litter as the first or second item on their list. Clumping cat litter may help you reduce your aggravation while saving you money.

What kind of cat litter are you currently using? If you are using an older style cat litter it becomes filled with urine very quickly and begins to stink. It does not smell just a little, it smells horrible. While you might be able to scoop out the cat feces, the only way to get rid of the urine is to dump the whole box and refill it.

With clumping cat litter the urine soaks into the cat litter forming a defined clump. The clay captures all of the urine in this small clump, which can then be scooped out of the cat litter and disposed of along with the cat feces. This allows you to keep using the same litter for a much longer time. Getting the urine out of the litter box is one of the biggest steps in keeping your home from starting to smell like a cat’s house.

If you have never used clumping cat litter before you really need to read the directions carefully. One of the very important directions, or warnings, is to never flush the cat litter. Clumping litter expands and clumps of moisture. It does not care if it is cat urine or toilet water. When you flush it you are taking a major risk of it expanding into your plumbing and then causing a backed up drainage system.

Are there more effective ways to take care of your cat’s waste? About the only alternative which is more effective is toilet training your cat. The problem with this process is it is a real hit and miss training process. It works quickly and easily for some cats, works after great effort with many cats, and never works with other cats. You can spend weeks of working to train your cat and never have success. Most owners do not wish to spend this much time training and are happy to use cat litter.

What is the difference between the wide variety of clumping cat litter on the market? The major difference comes in how they deal with smells. The least expensive brands are just simple, but effective clumping litter. More expensive brands often include other chemicals or smell to help reduce or cover-up the smell of cat waste. If you are cleaning the litter box at least once each day, you may not need higher priced litters with the masking agents.

If you plan to use a litter box, clumping cat litter is the most effective litter available both from the standpoint of effectiveness, and cost. Get a good quality brand and enjoy the reduction in smells, and savings in cost compared to other cat litter.

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