Cichlid Tropical Fish – Over 2000 Reasons One May Be In Your Tank

Cichlid tropical fish are nature’s diversity at work. Over 2000 separate varieties of cichlid have been identified so far, and scientists are confident they will find many more, expecting to find up to 3000 separate varieties.

This very diverse family of fish have different species ranging in save for only inches long to over 2 feet in length. The diversity of color, temperament, and living environments make it almost certain you can find a species of cichlid tropical fish which is suited to live in your aquarium.

Often you have purchased a cichlid, and may not even be aware of the fact. A few great examples of popular cichlid species are listed below.

The Blood Parrot Cichlid is a species which was not naturally occurring but was first bred in Taiwan in the 1980’s. With the deep orange-red colors and long feathering fins and tail, it has become a favorite fish of hobbyist around the world. They grow to almost 10 inches in length requiring you have a large aquarium.

The Flowerhorn Cichlid is another popular aquarium fish due to the unusual appearance. The Flowerhorn is one of the more unusual looking cichlid tropical fish with a large bulb protruding from their head just above the eyes. With colors ranging from orange to red, with large black spots running down their sides, with beautiful fins, they are a prized fish of tropical fish owners.

The Dwarf Pike Cichlid is one you will forever remember if you accidentally introduce it to your tank. It is a very aggressive carnivore and will happily make a meal of the other species of fish in your tank. It is very unassuming looking fish with grey to silver coloring on the body, a multi-colored fin with black spots. Just looking at this tiny fish you would never expect the aggressive behavior you will see.

A Convict Cichlid is one of the easiest aquarium fish to raise. It is tolerant to water conditions, eats easily, and is very hardy. With the black and white stripes, resembling a prison outfit, it is a very attractive fish. This is one cichlid pet stores often recommend for new owners.

Another energetic, active, and aggressive species of the cichlid family is the Jack Dempsey. With the bright neon blue coloring it is a beautiful addition to your collection, but normally only recommended for experienced aquarium owners. With the aggressive nature you must be very careful which fish you combine it with, and take excellent care of the environment.

The Red Devil is another of the more aggressive, but beautiful cichlid tropical fish. With colors ranging from a very bright orange, to deep red, with even some looking almost albino white they can appear very docile and gentle. Their appearance can be very deceptive. Without being careful to house them with fish of the same size who can defend themselves, they will quickly become a complete terror.

While this list seems to indicate the cichlid tropical fish are aggressive in nature this is far from the truth. With over 2000 species they range in temperament, coloration, and size to match the needs of almost any hobbyist.

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