Cavachon Dogs – When You Want Beauty, Friendliness, and Fun, Choose a Cavachon

Cavachon Dogs is one of the finest breeds available for living in your home or apartment. If you are looking for a great natured dog, with the proper size, and a great fun personality, the Cavachon may be perfect for you.

Cavachon Dogs are not an officially recognized and approved breed by the American Kennel Club. The Cavachon is a hybrid mix resulting from crossbreeding between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniard and a Bichon Frise, hence the name Cava-Chon. This mixed breed has become very popular among people not worried about AKC approved dogs. Being small in stature gives it the advantage for anyone living in smaller homes and apartments. Combined with it causing less allergic reactions for most people, it is a preferred indoor dog.

One of the minor challenges with the Cavachon is getting it house trained. You will need to stick to your plan and use a little persistence. They are not difficult to train, they may just require a little extra time. The preferred method of house training the Cavachon is by using the crate method. They quickly learn they do not want to have any messes with them, and the behavior stops, leading them to wait until they go outside to do their business.

Another reason the Cavachon dogs are well suited for an indoor living is their willingness to be active inside. Many dogs become passive and lazy when they are inside and just lay around. The Cavachon is the king of your home and will be more than willing to explore and play where ever they find you. As with almost every dog, they love to head outdoors, too. They enjoy going for walks on a leash and enjoy the freedom of being let loose to run in the backyard, too.

If you have children in your home the Cavachon is a good choice to add to your family. It has a calm, gentle, and loving personality. The dog enjoys older children immensely and does well with small children when brought into the home as a puppy. This is a dog your kids will love playing with inside the house, or taking outside.

The Cavachon dogs are a healthy breed requiring only normal care. Make sure to brush their hair and their teeth and they will keep a great look and stay healthy. The one area most breeders point to as taking a little extra care is cleaning their ears.

What is the biggest warning you need to know about the Cavachon Dogs? You need to be careful where you keep your heart. These little dogs are masters at stealing your heart and taking ownership of it. With their big playful and lively eyes, their friendly personality, and the immense love they share, your heart is in danger. You will find yourself spending extra time playing, grooming, and petting just because you enjoy being with your dog. You have been warned, the Cavachon will steal your heart.

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