pet shops

Pets Shops – The Best Stores for Pet Lovers

How often do you visit pets shops? You know you are an addict if it is more than once each week. Maybe you are not really an addict, maybe it is only showing how much you truly love your pets. Some people are addicted to going to the malls, Walmarts, or bookstores. Pet lovers have … Read more

reptile store

Reptile Store – The Dream Store We Wish We Could Find

If you have managed to find a reptile store in your city considers yourself very lucky. Most of us are stuck with great challenges in our choices of where to buy our reptiles and get advice about our pets. If you are one of the unlucky people living in a city without a good reptile … Read more

exotic pet store

Exotic Pet Store – Is It Time For A Special Exotic Pet?

Are you ready for a new pet adventure? When you decide to step outside the norm and try something a little unusual, a little different, it is time to visit an exotic pet store. An exotic pet store specializes in specialty pets and not your everyday cats, dogs, and bunnies. If you want to venture … Read more

geckos the great reptilian pet

Geckos – Not the Car Insurance, The Great Reptilian Pet

Geico car insurance may have done a great favor to the Gecko family. They took them from obscurity as a pet to one everyone is familiar with. Geckos are one of the best reptiles for a new owner. Panther Geckos, one of the most attractive Geckos, do have one feature which may lead many owners … Read more