crested gecko

What You Need To Know About Crested Geckos

Crested Geckos make a great pet for even first time reptile owners. What makes them one of the best pets to choose is their unique crested look. The Crested Gecko gets their name from the spiny looking crest surrounding their eyes and running down their back. This crest makes them look a bit intimidating even … Read more

reptile breeders

Reptile Breeders – The Champions of the Wild Reptiles

It is amazing how an industry can go from being the scourge of reptiles to being one of the biggest heroes. Not too many years ago reptiles were decreasing in numbers rapidly due to the constant harvesting of reptiles for the pet industry. Captive breeding programs were not very effective. Today reptile breeders are responsible … Read more

exotic lizards

Exotic Lizards – From Unusual To Downright Weird

Having pet lizards are already heading into territory most of your friends and family have not ventured. Taking the next step and getting exotic lizards increases your oddity as a pet owner and your fun. One of the more fun and interesting of exotic lizards is the Veiled Chameleons. These beautiful lizards have the common … Read more

reptile cages

Reptile Cages – Providing A Quality Home For Your Reptiles

What is the first thing you think of for your reptile enclosure? Most of you probably instantly thought of reptile aquariums which are the most common enclosure. These are great for small reptiles, but what about those reptiles which get large? Reptile cages are the proper way to house your larger reptiles and can be … Read more

pet snakes

Pet Snakes – The Slithering Fun In Your Home

Just imagine seeing a snake slowly slithering in your home. This thought brings fearful thoughts to a wide cross-section of the population. They hear the word snake, see a darting tongue, and see a snakes body and they prepare for flight. For snake lovers, the idea of having a pet snake produces excitement, not fear. … Read more

pet value

Pet Value – Can You Put A Price On Your Pet?

Pet stores do it all the time. Breeders are comfortable with the process. What is the pet value of your cute pet? Why can a breeder and pet store owner do it so easily, and you find it nearly impossible. What is the value of your pet? If you ask a pet store owner the … Read more

ball python

Ball Python – The Snake Your Entire Family Can Learn to Love

Adding a Ball Python to your family is not a task many families undertake. Snakes while being great pets are still looked upon with fear and concern by many parents. A Ball Python could quickly change even the most die-hard snake hater into an avid fan of snakes. Why is the Ball Python such a … Read more

reptile heat lamp

Reptile Heat Lamp – The Joys of Basking in The Fake Sun

Reptiles love the heat. They love being out in the sun to heat their bodies and get warm. A reptile heat lamp takes the place of the sun in their captive habitat. Before you run out and just buy a reptile heat lamp for your reptile aquarium you need to know a little more about … Read more

reptile heat mat

Reptile Heat Mat – The Desert Has Come To Your Reptile Habitat

Desert reptiles love heat. They want consistent heat covering their entire habitat, not just a single focal point of heat as provided by a heat lamp. They need this heat to keep their bodies running efficiently. A reptile heat mat is one of the best ways to give them the heat they need. Some of … Read more