aggressive tropical fish

Aggressive Tropical Fish – Do Not Make Your Aquarium A Buffet

A mistake made by many inexperienced aquarium owners is to accidentally purchase aggressive tropical fish and add them to their beautiful family of fish. Suddenly the aquarium goes from being quiet and calming, to a snack bar and buffet. Aggressive tropical fish do not always attempt to eat the other fish, but will always be … Read more

fish tank maintenance

Fish Tank Maintenance – The Key To Healthy Fish and Beauty

How many fish tanks have you noticed where the water is dingy, the glass looks a little green, and you notice a bit of odor around the tank. These are all signs of regular fish tank maintenance is not happening. Luckily regular maintenance is very simple and a job you can handle quickly. When you … Read more

tropical fish species

Tropical Fish Species – Getting Great Freshwater Species For Your Home

Those big aquariums look great in our homes and offices adding beauty, interest, and a calming piece of nature. The easiest to care for aquariums are freshwater. Choosing great freshwater tropical fish species will help make your aquarium a real conversation piece. One of the keys to having a great looking aquarium is having a … Read more

caring for tropical fish

Caring For Tropical Fish – The Basics of Proper Fish Care

Caring for tropical fish is straightforward when you learn the basics. The biggest need is to learn how to take care of your tank for high water quality, temperature maintenance, and feeding. Water quality is one of the biggest requirements for maintaining healthy fish. This comes down to a few simple tasks you need to … Read more

goldfish dropsy

Goldfish Dropsy – Protect Your Goldfish From Dropsy

Goldfish dropsy is a disease you must hope to never see occur in your fish. Once a fish develops the full-blown symptoms of dropsy, it is unlikely they will recover. If you notice any symptoms you must take immediate action, or your fish is likely to perish. How to prevent goldfish dropsy Before anything else, … Read more

tropical saltwater fish

Tropical Saltwater Fish – Starting Off Easy

The worst mistake you can make with your first saltwater aquarium is to buy expensive, or difficult to maintain fish. You are already facing the new challenges of more carefully maintaining water temperature, nitrates, salt levels, and then adding the right coral, sand, and plants. By choosing easy to take care of tropical saltwater fish … Read more

tropical fish for beginners

Tropical Fish for Beginners – Keys to Starting Off Right

Choosing the right tropical fish for beginners is the biggest key to having a successful first aquarium. Put away your dreams of exotic, rare, and odd fish and get a great variety of fun tropical fish to make a successful first tank. There are several families of fish which are highly suited as tropical fish … Read more

tropical fish tank temperature

Tropical Fish Tank Temperature – No Freezing Or Cooking Required

Have you ever visited the tropics and dropped your feet into the water? It is nice and warm and rarely changes. Ocean water in an area does not vary greatly throughout a day or even a week. Your tropical fish tank temperature needs to maintain the same kind of rocksteady consistency. As a good starting … Read more

gourami tropical fish

Gourami Tropical Fish – Entertainment Has Just Entered the Tank

Gourami tropical fish are well known for their bright colors, beautiful shapes, and is easy to look after. Did you know they are also one of the most entertaining fish in your tank? Many kinds of tropical fish just lay around in the tank, slowly drifting in the water, being very boring. Gouramis, on the … Read more

types of goldfish

Types of Goldfish – A Fascinating Variety of Fun Goldfish

To many of us goldfish mean only one thing. They are the common goldfish, with their golden orange scales lazily swimming around in the aquarium or pond. The fascinating truth is there are many types of goldfish, some which leave you wondering why it is called a goldfish at all. How many different types of … Read more