tropical fish tank

Tropical Fish Tanks For Beginners

How many trips to the pet supply center do you want to make when you are first setting up tropical fish tanks? You might be surprised how many times new owners run back and forth to the store to get items they have forgotten. Let us take a look at the essentials for setting up … Read more

goldfish memory

How To Train a Goldfish To Do Tricks

Dog owners, cat owners, and bird owners always seem to look down on goldfish owners. They will point out their pets can learn tricks, but your pet just swims around. What they do not realize is goldfish memory is much better than previously understood, and you may be able to teach them a few goldfish … Read more

pet lizards

Pet Lizards – Choosing the Right Lizard For Your Home

Pet lizards are one of the greatest pets you can own. They are fun to watch, safe, and never cause household damage. Choosing the right lizard is one of the fun parts of getting your pet lizard. There are many varieties of lizards which people choose as pets. Some of the lizards remain very small, … Read more

fish tank maintenance

Fish Tank Maintenance – The Key To Healthy Fish and Beauty

How many fish tanks have you noticed where the water is dingy, the glass looks a little green, and you notice a bit of odor around the tank. These are all signs of regular fish tank maintenance is not happening. Luckily regular maintenance is very simple and a job you can handle quickly. When you … Read more

caring for tropical fish

Caring For Tropical Fish – The Basics of Proper Fish Care

Caring for tropical fish is straightforward when you learn the basics. The biggest need is to learn how to take care of your tank for high water quality, temperature maintenance, and feeding. Water quality is one of the biggest requirements for maintaining healthy fish. This comes down to a few simple tasks you need to … Read more

tropical fish for beginners

Tropical Fish for Beginners – Keys to Starting Off Right

Choosing the right tropical fish for beginners is the biggest key to having a successful first aquarium. Put away your dreams of exotic, rare, and odd fish and get a great variety of fun tropical fish to make a successful first tank. There are several families of fish which are highly suited as tropical fish … Read more

list of tropical fish

List of Tropical Fish – The Best Tropical Fish For The New Owner

When starting out with tropical fish it is very easy to end up with a tank filled with mismatched fish, fish which are hard to care for. Suddenly you find fish floating on the surface and begin wondering if you made a horrible mistake buying an aquarium. This list of tropical fish which are hardy, … Read more

setting up a tropical fish tank

Setting Up A Tropical Fish Tank – 8 Tips To A Successful Start

You are just starting on a great adventure in caring for your freshwater tropical fish. The first step is setting up a tropical fish tank and not making any mistakes which could kill your first batch of fish. Luckily setting up a fish tank for freshwater fish is very easy. Here are 8 tips to … Read more

buying tropical fish

Buying Tropical Fish – Getting Great Fish At Low Prices

Buying tropical fish is a very easy thing to do. You can find them all over town in the most unusual places. They are in the pet stores, pet supercenters, large department stores, malls, and even manage to pop-up in some large grocery stores. Have you ever seriously thought about which place is going to … Read more