tropical fish tank

Tropical Fish Tanks For Beginners

How many trips to the pet supply center do you want to make when you are first setting up tropical fish tanks? You might be surprised how many times new owners run back and forth to the store to get items they have forgotten. Let us take a look at the essentials for setting up … Read more

cichlid fish

Cichlid Fish – The Family of Fish Which Keeps On Growing

Cichlid fish are one of the favorite families of fish for owners who love vivid colors, high variety, and fish which are very social in the aquarium. The challenge with Cichlid fish is figuring out which one you are talking about. The Cichlid fish family is vast with over 2000 species already identified and more … Read more

goldfish memory

How To Train a Goldfish To Do Tricks

Dog owners, cat owners, and bird owners always seem to look down on goldfish owners. They will point out their pets can learn tricks, but your pet just swims around. What they do not realize is goldfish memory is much better than previously understood, and you may be able to teach them a few goldfish … Read more

fish keeping

Fish Keeping – The Art of Maintaining A Great Aquarium

Fish keeping is one of the largest hobbies in the world. Some estimates put it as the second most popular hobby in the world only surpassed by photography. This makes perfect sense when you consider the beauty, elegance, and ease of care in keeping tropical fish. One reason fish keeping has become so widely popular … Read more

tropical fish lighting

Tropical Fish Lighting – A Critical Component to A Healthy and Lively Tank

Tropical fish are conditioned to love light. Their natural environment would have the brightness of a tropical sun during the day, and the deep darkness of night. Tropical fish lighting is required to help maintain your fish in their healthiest state and to increase the brilliance of their color. Older aquariums often came equipped with … Read more

fancy tail goldfish

Fancy Tail Goldfish – Colorful Beauty Gliding Through the Water

Are you seeking to fill a fish pond in your yard, or an indoor aquarium? While many people think of goldfish as boring, they neglect to realize the wide variety of types. The fancy tail goldfish could hardly be called boring with their beautiful tails and fins. The fancy tail goldfish has a longer, fuller, … Read more

tetra fish

Tetra Fish – The Tiny Terrors of the Tank

When you want to fill an aquarium with variety, fun, and keep the price low there is no better choice than the tiny tetra fish. This family of fish has variety in color, style, and all of them are perfect for an easy to maintain the tank. One of the best aspects of the tetra … Read more