tropical fish lighting

Tropical Fish Lighting – A Critical Component to A Healthy and Lively Tank

Tropical fish are conditioned to love light. Their natural environment would have the brightness of a tropical sun during the day, and the deep darkness of night. Tropical fish lighting is required to help maintain your fish in their healthiest state and to increase the brilliance of their color. Older aquariums often came equipped with … Read more

goldfish dropsy

Goldfish Dropsy – Protect Your Goldfish From Dropsy

Goldfish dropsy is a disease you must hope to never see occur in your fish. Once a fish develops the full-blown symptoms of dropsy, it is unlikely they will recover. If you notice any symptoms you must take immediate action, or your fish is likely to perish. How to prevent goldfish dropsy Before anything else, … Read more

goldfish lck

Goldfish Ick – Quickly Put Your Goldfish On The Road to Recovery

Goldfish ick is one of the very common goldfish ailments. If you are going to have goldfish for a very long time, it is one illness you are almost sure to experience with your fish. Luckily it is one your can treat easily, and you have great control in reducing the occurrence. Detecting goldfish ick … Read more