bad cat behavior

The Best Tips For Eliminating Bad Cat Behavior

Do you have a misbehaving cat? Inappropriate cat behavior can normally be lumped into just a few categories, and then dealt with. One rule you must remember, never try to train your cat multiple new behaviors at one time. Choose the one behavior which is either most dangerous to your cat, or is most annoying … Read more

pet food coupons

Pet Food Coupons – 2018 Edition [Updated]

Does your pet seem to go through cans and bags of food at record paces? You go to the store and watch the register ring up higher and higher amounts and are ready to cut down the pet food budget. Using pet food coupons can help you gain control of the budget and give your … Read more

cat incontinence

Cat Incontinence And How You Can Reduce The Problem

Cat incontinence comes in two varieties, urinary incontinence, and bowel incontinence. The more common is urinary incontinence which can be caused by a wide variety of causes. Here are a few of the common causes of urinary incontinence in cats, and some advice on how to proceed. How to reduce the problem of incontinence Sadly … Read more

keep cats out of garden

Keep Cats Out of Garden – Learn The Methods Which Really Work

Have you planted a vegetable or flower garden only to keep discovering cats tearing up your plants, or having the experience of stepping in the cat’s little gifts they left behind? If you want to keep cats out of your garden without spending all of your time outside, you need to know the best methods … Read more

pet playpen

Pet Playpen – Give Your Pet A Safe Place To Play

At home, you may let your pets run free and unfettered through the house while you are with them. Sometimes you wish they would stay in one place while you try to get some work done. A pet playpen is a great way to give them a play area in your home, and you some … Read more