Cat Toilet Training – Get Rid of The Litter Box And The Cleanup

One of the worst aspects of having cats in your house is the litter box and cleaning up after them. If you do not maintain the litter box regularly your entire house begins to smell of cat. Why not follow the lead of other cat owners who have discovered cat toilet training is not only possible but not really that difficult.

Imagine instead of cleaning up the smelly litter box, you simply step in one of your bathrooms a few times each day to flush. Away goes the cat urine and cat feces down the drain. Your cleanup is finished.

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Are you curious how to get started with cat toilet training? The first step is finding a litter box which will fit down into your toilet bowl, resting on the inner lip, and stay there securely. A metal litter box is the best choice since it will not flex and fall in. One accident and your training may be all over. The cat may decide it is not safe to use “that litterbox” anymore.

The second stage is to move your cat’s litter box. Move it into one of your bathrooms and set it beside the toilet. Make sure the cat knows where to find the litter box, and starts using it in the new location on a regular basis. Some owners have added a litter box and waited until the cat begins using the new one in the bathroom before removing the old location.

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After your cat has been successfully using only the litter box in the bathroom for at least two weeks, raise it two to three inches from the floor on very secure support. Do not try to raise it any more than three inches or your cat may become spooked. Wait for your cat to continue using the litter box at the new elevation for a week or two, and then raise it again. You will continue raising the litter box a couple inches until it finally is level with the toilet seat.

Once you have reached the level of the toilet seat comes the real adventure. Now you need to raise the seat and move the litter box into the toilet. This may take a little getting used to by your cat, but should not be very difficult. Whenever you hit a step they are reluctant to try, back up a step and wait for them to become more comfortable, then try to move forward again.

After the cat has been using the litter box in the toilet, then it is time to lower the seat. This makes it difficult for the cat to stand in the litter box, which is exactly what you want. You want them to start standing on the seat to take care of business. You will want to allow your cat a minimum of two weeks to as long as a month to get used to this stage. The next step is the big one.

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Your last step is to remove the litter box completely. If your cat has successfully been jumping onto the seat, using the bathroom while standing on the seat, this stage is often an easy transition. For some cats, this is very difficult, and for some downright impossible. You will never know until you try cat toilet training with your cat. By successfully completing these simple steps you may never need to clean a litter box again.


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