Cat Runs – Giving Your Cat Freedom Without Setting Them Free

When you truly love your cat you cannot imagine seeing them running away, getting hit by a car, or attacked by another animal. The prospect of your cat being lost or injured worries you. Keeping your cat confined to your apartment or house is almost as troublesome. You know they want to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. Cat runs can solve your problem.

Cat runs are a great way to keep your cat in a safe environment while still allowing them to enjoy the great outdoors. You may be surprised to see the diversity in styles of runs available for our feline pets.

Being an apartment dweller does not eliminate you from using cat runs. Many runs are collapsible and portable. This allows cat owners to take their cats to the park, on picnics, to the lake, or even in the apartment courtyard. You simply expand the run, open the gate at one end, and insert one happy cat. They can move around, smell the fresh air, and see what is going on, all without being at risk.

For homeowners with a nice yard, the options explode. How good has your cat been to you? If your cat is extra special you can create cat runs which criss-cross the yard, follow the perimeter of the yard, or many other configurations. These more extreme cat runs allow your cat to really explore and venture around.

The most extreme cat runs can include tubes for your cat to explore which lead up to cat towers filled with perches for them to climb. The runs can start from your enclosed porch, a cat door in your home, or by you simply opening the door and inserting one cat. When you have designed cat runs which cover more ground and offer your cat places to explore they can be happy for hours of outdoor fun. While they may see other cats, passing dogs, and other people they are in no danger of being attacked or getting loose. They are safely tucked inside their run.

Cat runs are not only for the outdoors. You can set up a cat run in your home or apartment, too. Often we do not want our cat roaming our homes while we are away. Maybe they are prone to scratching furniture, or making messes while we are gone. A cat run setup inside restricts their movement, but still gives them plenty of freedom.

Cat runs can be set up to include areas for having food, water, and litter boxes. Make sure you have two different areas set aside for these items. Food and water can be together, but the litter box should be at the opposite end of the run.

Using cat runs to protect your beloved friend is a smart move. You keep them safe from danger while still giving them added freedom of movement and exploration. Your cat will love being able to explore, play, and learn about their new run.

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