Cat Rehoming – Giving A Cat Their Second Chance At Love

Ready to add a new cat to your home? Before you just run out and find a new cute little kitten consider a great alternative. Cat rehoming offers you the opportunity to find a beautiful cat which is in desperate need of a new loving owner.

Cat rehoming offers you some great added benefits in finding a cat. How much do you enjoy training a new kitten to use a litter box? How much are you planning to pay to have your new kitten neutered? Often the cats you find in a rehoming center are already housebroken and neutered. You save in aggravation and in costs.

Obviously, the biggest reason you want a new cat is for the added companionship. Cats waiting for a new home are seeking exactly the same thing. Often they were dropped off at the rehoming center by owners who were moving away or no longer felt they could afford to keep a cat. The cats are most commonly very friendly and well behaved.

One great thing about most rehoming centers is you will be given an opportunity to spend a little time with the cat you would like to adopt. You can see how they behave before you make your final decision.

One big difference you will discover when adopting a cat is the requirements you must meet. Rehoming centers take their job very seriously. They do not wish to put a cat into a home only to have it show back up at the rehoming center in just a few weeks or months. They want to find a great match for the cats and their new owners. They want the cats to have a great new home filled with safety and concern.

Some centers will even require a home inspection by one of their staff before allowing you to take home a cat. Do not let this deter you. The inspection is not used with the intention of eliminating you as an owner, but to give you advice on what you need to change in order to safely keep a cat in your home.

If you have your heart set on getting a kitten, do not ignore the rehoming centers. Often they have mother cats arrive who are pregnant or are presented with an entire litter of kittens to adopt out. You may need to check back several times to find a small kitten which is available. Leave your name and phone number with the staff and they will joyfully give you a call when they have kittens arrive.

The great thing about cat rehoming is all the benefits. You are getting a great cat, and help give them a second chance. You often are avoiding added costs. You will have discovered a great partner in your love of cats. Rehoming centers are filled with people who are passionate about animals. They are often volunteers who freely give their time to enhance the lives of their tiny friends, and their new families.

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