Cat Flea Treatment – Kill Those Little Critters Before They Start Biting You

Cats may be meticulous cleaners, but they are just as likely to get fleas as a dog. Dogs even have one advantage over cats, they enjoy taking baths and getting in the water. It is easier to bathe away the fleas of a dog than a cat. Do not let this stop you from winning the battle. Cat flea treatment can be very effective, and with a little effort, you can keep them from coming back quickly.

The first step is to verify your cat actually has fleas and is not suffering from a cat allergy. You can quickly tell by checking closely, or by using a flea comb. You should be able to see either the fleas or may remove flea feces from your cat. If you see the telltale signs of fleas it is time to get busy and start killing those little critters.

The starting point is to have a plan of attack. Your cat has three stages of fleas on them. They will have live adult fleas, these are the ones doing all the biting. They will have eggs. Lastly, they will have flea larvae.

A cat flea treatment in a liquid or powder form is almost always targeting the adult fleas. This leaves a high opportunity for the fleas to reappear rapidly as more eggs hatch. This is why you must use a flea comb and remove as many eggs and larvae as possible. The flea comb will effectively comb away adult fleas, too. Kill them in a bowl of water with bleach.

Before you let your cat lose to start roaming around again, you must do a thorough cleanup of their bedding, vacuum the floors, and the furniture. Make sure you give extra effort on their favorite locations to lay around. You can find some carpet and upholstery cleaning products which include a flea killer. You may want to use one of these treatments, or do a steam cleaning to clear your house of fleas.

If the infestation is very severe in the home, or outdoors, you should consult with an exterminator. They can use a flea bomb indoors to kill the fleas and treat outside your home to kill any fleas lying in wait.

The most effective cat flea treatment is often the topical solutions. These solutions are normally applied once every 1 to 3 months. The treatment enters into the hair follicles and continues to kill fleas for weeks to even months. These treatments are very effective at stopping fleas.

If you have dogs you may be tempted to use their flea shampoos, powders, topical solutions, and collars. Avoid the temptation at all costs. Cats require completely different dosages, and are sensitive to some solutions used for dogs.

By following the simple steps of cleaning your cat, using a high-quality cat flea treatment, and cleaning your home, you can eliminate almost all flea problems. It does take some work, but making sure your cat and family are safe from flea bites is well worth the effort.

Frontline For Cats

Do you feel like you are constantly battling fleas? You wash all the blankets. You bathe your cat with a flea shampoo. You get them a flea collar. Still, the fleas keep coming back. Frontline for cats stops the cycle of fleas and gets rid of them rapidly.

How fast is Frontline for Cats in getting rid of fleas? Would you believe you could have your cat completely flea free in less than a day? Studies done by Frontline have shown 100% of all fleas are killed within 12 hours of applying the product.

Just getting fleas killed in 12 hours is not enough. Fleas leave behind larvae and eggs which will continue to hatch and grow long after most treatments wear off. With Frontline the protection lasts for a full 30 days. Then you simply apply a new treatment to continue keeping your cat flea free.

The life pattern of fleas is what makes so many treatments ineffective. You kill all the adult fleas, but unless you are meticulous about using a flea comb to remove all eggs and larvae, you will have fleas returning.

Frontline for cats is one of the easiest treatments to apply. Being a topical treatment you simply apply it to your cats back, and the treatment spreads throughout their body, making them a flea killing machine, not a flea sanctuary.

Even if you have kittens you can begin using Frontline to battle their fleas. You must make sure the kittens are at least 8 weeks old, but after that Frontline is very safe and highly effective.

Many common flea formulations cannot be used on pregnant or lactating females. Their ingredients would be harmful to the unborn or newborn kittens. Frontline does not pass into the developing kittens through their mother, or through their mother’s milk. It is a very safe option for a pregnant cat or one who is a new mother.

While we are talking extensively about the flea protection the second protection is equally important. Frontline for cats is just as effective in eliminating ticks on your feline friends. Have you ever needed to pluck a tick out of your cat’s skin? It is never fun for us, and even less fun for our cats.

When you can eliminate the threats from both ticks and fleas with one simple to apply for medicine, it is a real blessing. No more worrying about removing ticks which have become deeply embedded in our cat.

If you want to hear about Frontline from the real authorities, check with your veterinarian. They are sure to know all about Frontline and maybe already recommending it to their clients.

When you are ready to win the war with fleas and ticks it is time to stop using inferior solutions. Go with Frontline for cats and have a solution which is 100% effective fast, and then keeps working for a full month. You will be glad you made the choice.

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