Cat Enclosures – Discover How To Contain Your Cat While Providing Them With More Fun

We tend to think about cat enclosures as a way to restrict our cats and to limit their fun. You may even picture your cat spending the day moping and sulking in the enclosure. If you choose the right enclosure you will not find a sulking creature, but one playfully exploring all of their new fun.

Where are you needing to contain your cat? Are you wanting to create a secure place to keep your cat inside while you are gone for the day? One way to make them secure and to let them have fun is to buy cat enclosures which give them plenty of room to have fun. This does not necessarily mean it needs to be big in all directions, sometimes the most fun is with going up. Having an enclosure which goes nearly to the ceiling with ramps, shelves, and resting perches at many different levels will let your cat have fun, and enjoy their day.

Adding some favorite toys, their food dish, and water to a large indoor cat enclosure ensures your cat will be happily playful all day, never noticing their restricted area. When you arrive home you may need to coax them out of their enclosure as they comfortably sit on one of their perches watching over their domain.

Are you needing to find a way to contain your cats when you take them outside? Letting your cat run wild makes them very vulnerable to cars, other cats, and roaming dogs. While a cat can normally defend itself, having your cat come home with scratches, or with dogs chasing them at full speed is never fun.

Outdoor cat enclosures come in many sizes and shapes. If you want to really go to the extreme you can use cat enclosures which are designed for making paths through your yard. These tunnels made of netting offer your cat a wide range of movement, allowing them to explore and see the entire yard. Adding in a few stopping points along the trail adds even more interest. You can insert a cat climbing area complete with perches, tented areas with a small bed for them to sleep on, and other small areas which can hold food, water, or even a litter box. You could safely leave your cat in the backyard while you are out shopping for the day.

If you do not want to go nearly this large for outdoor cat enclosures then you should check into cat tents, round cat tunnels, or even enclosures which go vertical including perches and climbing areas. These types of enclosures are much smaller and easy to manage in your yard, but still, give your cat plenty of freedom to enjoy their time outdoors.

As you can see, cat enclosures do not need to mean a box with only a door to look out through. The best enclosures allow your cat plenty of free movement. They will enjoy their time in their new enclosures almost as much as you.

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