Cat Allergy Symptoms – What Has Gotten Into Your Cat?

Your cat can be just as susceptible to allergies as you. Their big challenge is they have no way to tell us what they are feeling, and what the problem is. As a cat owner, you should watch out for cat allergy symptoms.

What kind of symptoms do cat allergies cause? Just like in humans one of the most noticeable can be sneezing and watery eyes. This will be truer if the allergen is airborne. Your cat sneezing, or having watery eyes, on occasion is very normal. If it begins to be more persistent there is a good chance your cat has allergies.

For most contact allergens you will notice your cat scratching more commonly. You may begin to discover small sores where they have scratched too frequently, or even chewed on themselves trying to relieve the itch. Contact allergens can come from many sources. It could be a shampoo, flea powder, or flea collar you are using. It can be as simple as your changing to a new detergent, and now your cats favorite sleeping spot is making them itch. Pollens from outside are going to be an even more common form of contact allergen.

More extreme cat allergy symptoms can include vomiting and diarrhea. This is often the case if your cat has developed an allergy to a food they are eating. There are many ingredients commonly used in cat foods which a percentage of cats are allergic to. Common food allergies can include eggs, wheat, wheat gluten, corn, milk, and even chicken or beef.

If you suspect a food allergy try switching to a food designed for cats with allergies. You may discover all your cat allergy symptoms suddenly disappear. This would be the best news for you and your cat. If they continue having trouble it is time to visit with your veterinarian to have them check your cat carefully and help eliminate other potential causes.

One of the most vicious allergies your cat is almost sure to have is to flea bites. You cat may tolerate fleas with just normal itching, or a single bite may drive them crazy. If you notice your cat is suddenly nibbling, scratching, and rubbing all the time, make sure to check very closely for fleas. Fleas can be eliminated and avoided with proper care.

Some people quickly discover they are the cause of the cat allergy symptoms. If you smoke or use perfumes you may find you are creating the sneezing, wheezing, and coughing of your cat. You will then need to make a decision which is more important to you. The only way to cure cat allergies is through avoidance.

Cat allergy symptoms are almost identical to our own human symptoms, except we do not chew holes in our own skin. Watch your cat closely and when they begin displaying symptoms work to uncover what is causing their problems. Since they cannot talk, you are the one who is responsible to improve their life.

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