Caring For Tropical Fish – The Basics of Proper Fish Care

Caring for tropical fish is straightforward when you learn the basics. The biggest need is to learn how to take care of your tank for high water quality, temperature maintenance, and feeding.

Water quality is one of the biggest requirements for maintaining healthy fish. This comes down to a few simple tasks you need to take care of consistently. The first step is to make sure you change out 10 to 15 percent of your total water every week. It may seem to be a lot of work, but it is even more work if you do not do it. By changing out the 15 percent of the water you reduce the amount of ammonia, increase water cleanliness, and keep healthier fish.

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Water quality is the number one factor in keeping away almost every fish illness. The second portion of this process is maintaining a good functioning filtration system. Size your system to match the size of your aquarium. Read the directions carefully on how often you need to replace filters and make sure you do it.

The last portion of water quality comes down to oxygenation. Adding a good air stone to your aquarium helps to make sure the balance of gases in the water stays proper, and your fish get the oxygen they need.

The next portion of caring for tropical fish involves maintaining the proper temperature. You need to have a good quality heating system. While much tropical fish can live at room temperatures they need a tank temperature which does not swing up and down. This is one reason you should not place the tank in direct sunlight, also. Get a heating system with a good thermostat and set it for the recommended temperature of your fish.

Proper feeding is one of the more critical portions of caring for tropical fish. You need to match your food choices to your fish. Some tropical fish only eat live food. Most are happy with tropical flake foods. The other key to feeding is to only feed enough where it is all consumed in 2 to 3 minutes. If flake, freeze dried, or frozen food is allowed to sit in the tank it soils the water and creates the potential for bacterial growth to start endangering your fish.

There is another reason your tank must be kept out of direct sunlight, other than temperature. Sunlight causes the rapid growth of algae, which then becomes very difficult to manage. Using proper water treatments, adding algae eaters, and other techniques are the best way to keep algae at bay, even when there is no direct sunlight.

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By following these few simple guidelines caring for tropical fish should be easy. You must take care of the water quality, temperature, and feed to have a highly successful tank. By taking the right steps your fish will stay healthy, active, and colorful. Successful hobbyists know by taking care of the basics, you avoid most problems of raising fish.

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