Canary Finch – What Bird Is That Singing In Your Cage A Canary or A Finch?

You walk into the pet store and look for food for your canary or finch and all the boxes are labeled Canary-Finch food. You start scratching your head wondering what this close relationship truly is. Is your bird truly a canary, or is it really a finch?

You can relax, if you purchased a canary you are almost certain you did receive a canary. When you bought your canary, you also purchased a finch. The Canaries are a subset of the finch family of birds. The combination of canaries and finches produce some of the most beautiful, energetic, and fun birds to have in our cages.

A canary finch is simply a way to identify your canary more fully. Most commonly when someone calls a bird a canary finch it is a smaller version of canary, shaped more like a sparrow. These birds are often much smaller than the common canary.

This is why you started scratching your head in the store, canary-finch food is identical since the birds share very similar traits. Without a doubt, the canary line is much higher skilled singers than most other members of the finch family.

While most people think of a canary as one of the prettiest birds, they should take a further look at the expanded finch family. Finches have a wide array of colors, sizes, and attitudes. You may discover you prefer a different variety of finch, instead of a canary.

As a great example, you should take a look at a Zebra Finch. This finch has a beautiful orange beak with magnificent orange highlights under the eyes. The feathers are colored richly in gray, white, brown, and with polka dots. The tail feathers are what gives the Zebra finch their name. The tail is covered in black and white stripes which would make any zebra envious.

The Zebra finch lacks one quality present in almost all male canaries. They do not have a beautiful song. The finch is chirping bird, which is still pleasant, but not in the same category as a singing canary.

Care of a canary or finch is almost identical. You provide them with the same mixtures of seeds. You should provide both of them with fresh greens to improve their health and digestion. Freshwater is critical and should be replaced daily. Neither bird makes a great choice to release to fly about your home. They are extremely difficult to capture and return to their cage.

How are you going to decide whether to get a canary or a finch? The only real answer is to go check out the wide range of birds you can choose from. Whether you choose a canary finch or another member of the finch family you are going to have a great new addition to your family. Their excited flight, chirping, and activity will keep you entertained. The care for either bird is easy and inexpensive. You will need to make your final choice based on your desire for beauty, song, or body style. Have fun in checking into all the beautiful birds.

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