Burmilla Cats – The Magic Of Accidental Breeding

Sometimes the best new developments in the cat world come from totally unexpected accidents. This is exactly how the Burmilla Cats came into existence. The breed officially had their start in 1981 when a Lilac Burmese female was accidentally mated with a Silver Chinchilla. The cats had been separated and were supposedly isolated from one another until the house cleaner made a fortuitous error of leaving a door open. The two cats mated and the resulting kittens were stunning. They were not only beautiful but exhibited a great personality.

As other breeders became aware of the spectacular results it was decided to start a new breed. In 1984 the breeders started officially breeding the cats and set up a standard for the breed. With their concerted efforts and diligence to standards, they were able to get the breed officially recognized in 1997.

The Burmilla cats are a short-haired cat making them easily accepted as house cats. While breeding can produce a long haired Burmilla, they are recognized as a completely separate breed. The short-haired cats require very little grooming and care.

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One of the best parts of Burmilla cats is their attitudes and temperament. They managed to take all the positive traits of the originating breeds, and leave behind any bad traits. The cats are intelligent, loving, playful, and have a very low temper. They make great cats for homes, apartments, or any size dwelling. The Burmilla deals exceedingly well with children and senior citizens. They love attention and crave companionship. While you want your cat to be playful, you do not want them to be destructive. The Burmilla has the perfect blend of playfulness, without becoming a crazy kitty.

As with any breed of cat, it is important to have toys and a good scratching post. The Burmilla loves to claw and play but is not normally destructive to furniture if they are given a special place for their scratching activity.

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A Burmilla has a beautiful coat which can be shaded or tipped in 5 different colors. You can find Burmilla cats with black, brown, blue, lilac, and chocolate coloring. With such a wide range you could almost select your cat to match your decor.

Another feature which makes the Burmilla appearance special is their eyes. You would swear the cat is wearing makeup around their eyes. The eyes have the appearance of using a pencil highlighter to outline the eyes. This framing of the eyes makes their beautiful colors pop out at you.

The Burmilla cats are a very hardy and healthy breed, making them ideal for most families. If you want a cat with stunning good looks, the best personality you could hope for, and which is easy to care for, then a Burmilla is ideal. It is intriguing how nature knows when an accidental mating can bring forth an amazing new breed of cat. This accident is now being enjoyed by thousands of families worldwide, and the popularity only continues to grow.


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