Budgerigars For Sale – Best Tips Before You Buy

Budgerigars for sales signs and advertisements are everywhere. When you want to buy a budgie you will have no problem locating many different breeders and stores joyfully waiting to take your money. It is your responsibility, and in your best interest, to keep your eyes wide open before you purchase your parakeet.

Things to be aware of before you buy a Budgerigars

Preferably you purchase your Budgie through a reputable breeder or a well-known pet store. If you go for budget Budgerigars you could easily be stepping into big trouble. These birds may have been illegally captured out of the wild. They could be infected with diseases from poor breeding environments. You could even discover you are buying a very mature bird towards the end of their life. It is hard for most people to determine the age of a bird just by looking at it.



Ask about the breeders

If you are going to buy your Budgie through a pet store directly ask them where they get their birds. Quiz them about the breeder and inform them you are going to do a little research on the breeder before buying. Most top-notch breeders are members of breeding societies within their country. Check with the breeding society and ask if the breeder the pet store is listed in their membership, and if there have been any reported problems. You can find the phone number of the breeder from the society and give them a call yourself. If by chance the breeder is not listed, then ask for quality breeders in the area.

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Why you should buy directly from breeders

Once you have found breeders in your area, then you can give them a call and ask which stores they sell through, or inquire if you can purchase directly from them. Often they have an excess of Budgerigars for sale and may offer to sell directly to you. The breeders and the society are your best sources of information, also. They know these birds extremely well. They will be much higher informed than your local pet store. The Budgies are their business, and usually their passion.

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Final thoughts

Even if you buy your Budgerigar through a breeder make sure you establish a great relationship with a pet store. They are going to be your main source of the variety of foods you will want, supplies, cages, accessories, and toys to keep your Budgie happy. When you are a regular customer they are more willing to answer your long lists of questions, place special orders, and give you advice on the best vets for birds. They are going to have made contact with these vets to care for their inventory of birds. They know not every vet is highly qualified to care for Parakeets and Budgies. Check with the breeder’s society for their advice on veterinarians, too. You will be happy to have an expert to care for your bird.

Just seeing a sign saying Budgerigars for Sale is any assurance of getting a great bird. Only be doing careful research, and buying from reputable locations can you be sure to get a health Budgie which will be ready for learning and fun.

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