Bubble Eye Goldfish – The Fascinating Alien Creature of Goldfish

The Bubble Eye Goldfish is one of the most unusual looking fish you can add to your aquarium or fish pond. Your children are likely to think your fish have been possessed by demons or are alien fish from a distant planet.

The Bubble Eye is a very unusual looking goldfish with up-turned eyes and enormous bubbles underneath their eyes. These fluid-filled sacs give them an appearance which makes them a highly entertaining fish to have in your home.

With their strange appearance, you are likely to have family and guests trying to figure out if your fish are diseased or if this is how they are supposed to look. The best explanation is to tell everyone your scientific experiments with cloning and DNA experimentation has gone horribly wrong, delaying your testing on humans. Then calmly ask them for a DNA sample.

In reality, you will need to be a little careful with your bubble eye goldfish. This fancy breed of goldfish is a bit more fragile than their more traditional counterparts. Never add them to a tank with more aggressive fish who enjoy bumping into their tank companions. The fluid-filled sacs are likely to rupture if they are exposed to an aggressive bump from an overly active fish.

This potential risk to the sacs can come from sharp decorations in the tank, too. Do not become overly worried about this, the sacs do heal and regrow, it just causes higher risks of infection and potential problems for your fish. If you can use smoother decorations, and keep them separate from more aggressive fish you will have fewer problems.

A couple other distinguishing features on the bubble eye are their lack of a dorsal fin and their beautiful double tail. These fish glide gracefully through your tank with a metallic flash to their scales. If you watch closely you will notice a jiggling or fluttering in their eye sacs as they move through the water.

If you choose to breed your goldfish you will quickly discover the bubble eye fry look very normal. Their eyes look like any other goldfish at birth, and then gradually change over approximately three months as the sacs develop and the eyes begin to turn up.

As with any other goldfish, water quality is crucial in keeping your fish healthy. Make sure you are changing out 20 to 25 percent of the water on a weekly basis. Clean the bottom of the tank when you are taking out the water, instead of just removing water from the top. Use a high-quality filter, including activated charcoal to remove chemicals from the water. If you maintain high-quality water, your fish will stay healthy, disease free, and lively.

If you really want to have fun with your children or guests, buy some bubble eye goldfish and sneak them into the tank overnight. When they wake up in the morning and discover the tank has been infested with aliens, they will either be screaming in panic or laughing in joy. Either way, it is great fun.

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