Big Dog Clothing – Be Careful What You Ask For Or You May Get A Big Surprise

When you walk into a mall and you ask for Big Dog Clothing, you better be prepared. Are you wanting to find clothes for your over-sized canine, or are you looking for clothes to put on your own body?

If you are looking to outfit your rather large sized dog, then you do not want to be heading into the Big Dog Clothing store. It is doubly dangerous to make this mistake because the odds of you walking out of the store without a bag full of shirts is very slim. The Big Dog clothes are some of the favorite outfits of dog owners. They show caricatures of dogs ruling the world as humans. With humorous sayings, witty pictures, and dog puns galore.

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It is not only the shirts you will end up walking out of the store with, you will probably want coffee cups, shorts, accessories, and maybe a couple household items. When you love the characters our dogs really are, then the Big Dog Clothing store is an absolute delight to rummage through.

Now, if you were seriously looking for big dog clothing for your Saint Bernard, Great Dane, or another huge canine, then you need to explain very carefully what you are looking for. You will probably be redirected to the pet stores in the mall, or one of the large pet supply houses. Many malls are now starting to have pet boutiques, and small shops with designer doggy wear. For some reason it seems the fancier the store, the more they focus on the smaller dogs. They may be believing the rich people only want small dogs for their homes.

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If you are not finding the big dog clothing you are looking for in local stores, then you are going to have to search online. There are many online outlets which specialize in items for large dogs. They will have a full lineup of dog sweaters, vests, and dresses for the over-sized ladies. You are going to discover more options for your dog by shopping online, too. Some of the stores even offer the option to have custom clothing made.

You may stare enviously at the prices of the clothing for the smaller dogs. The prices on those little clothes are lower for two reasons. First, they take much less fabric. Secondly, they are more commonly sold. People with large dogs do not seem as anxious to outfit their dogs in cute outfits as owners of tiny dogs. Don’t worry, you can still find great selections for your beast.

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Now, back to our original dilemma, are you looking for clothes for yourself at Big Dog Clothing, or clothes for your dog? Before you answer, consider the fact that many Big Dog stores also have a selection of pet clothes to match up with their owner’s gear. You may want to drop into their store and see if you and your best friend can share the same style. Who knows, the people in the park may begin to think the two of you are twins.

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