What You Should Know About The Bernice Mountain Dog

The Bernice Mountain Dog, more commonly known as the Bernese Mountain Dog, is a very large breed. Often large breeds of dogs do not have the colors and beauty of many of the smaller breeds, but this is one case where nature decided big is beautiful. With their three colored coat of hair in black, white, and golden brown, they have a beautiful rich thick coat of fur.

The Bernese Mountain Dog can grow to almost 28″ tall at the shoulders, making it one of the larger breeds in the world. Due to its large size, it was used as a working dog and even used to pull small carts in the mountains. A large male Bernice Mountain Dog can weigh almost 120 pounds, as much as many human females.

This large breed of dog is a descendant of the wolf, which made it a perfect candidate for defending and protecting farmers property. The Bernese is an excellent dog for working with cattle and other farm animals. They have the natural instincts to herd the animals, and with a little training become very efficient assistants.

One negative aspect of the large breed is their life expectancy. While most large breeds average 10 to 12 years of longevity, the Bernice Mountain Dog averages only 7 to 9 years. Make sure you keep this fact in mind when considering this breed for a family pet. If you have young children the dogs shorter lifespan may cause some difficult feelings. We all expect our pets to grow old and pass away, but the shorter lifespan can be difficult for our children.

The Bernese is an excellent breed to have around your family. They are good-natured, docile, and self-assured. With their genetic background of being used as a guard dog, and for work, they make great playmates for your children. In situations of the danger, they can be expected to stand by their owners, and be protective. In most situations they are very calm and friendly towards strangers, making them perfect for a household pet.

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If you want to have a dog which stands out on the block as the most beautiful dog, this could be your perfect choice. The Bernice Mountain Dog was actually voted the most beautiful breed by a group of American TV watchers. You will not need to worry about the neighbors referring to your dog as that ugly mutt from down the road. They most likely will be talking about the big beautiful dog. If it runs away, everyone will be helping to look for it, because it is the friendly good looking dog everyone in the neighborhood enjoys.

As with any large breed of dog, you will need to plan your budget for a little higher feeding bill than selecting a small breed. This added cost is offset by the great personality, affection, and beauty found in the Bernice Mountain Dog. It is a great choice to add to your home.

Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders

Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the most beautiful breeds available. If you looking to add a Bernese to your family you need to choose your Bernese Mountain Dog breeders carefully. You want to choose a quality breeder to make sure you get a healthy puppy. If you already own a Bernese and are looking for a breeder so you can breed your own dog, you need to be equally careful.

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What should you look for in your Bernese Mountain Dog breeders? Here are a few questions you need to ask to make sure they are a reputable breeder.

Where are your puppies from? Are they bred on your own property? If the breeder does not give you an immediate positive answer and is not willing to share with you about their breeding program it is best to walk away. You will not have any knowledge about the truth of your puppy’s start to life.

Will you let me tour your breeding facility and grounds? Reputable Bernese Mountain Dog breeders are going to be excited to show you around their operation. This is the source of their pride. They love working with dogs and take great care of the grounds. On your tour look to make sure the kennels and area are clean. Look to see how the handlers are working with the dogs, and if they adult Bernese dogs are getting plenty of activity.

Can you show me health records for both of the parents? Your breeder should be able to produce a background, and the records for any dogs they own. By checking the records, and making sure both parents have been healthy gives you a higher chance of having a healthy puppy which grows into a healthy adult Bernese Mountain Dog.

Will you give me references so I can call other owners who have purchased from you? Any Bernese Mountain Dog breeders who have been successful and are running a good business will have plenty of happy and satisfied clients. They should be happy to have you call a few of their customers because they know they are going to get good reviews. If they are hesitant to give you references, you may want to consider your other options.

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One way to tell if Bernese Mountain Dog breeders are serious about their dogs, they will be asking you just as many questions. They are going to be concerned about the welfare of their puppies. They will want to know where the puppy will be located, and will probably want to keep in contact with you about future breeding opportunities. They are going to be passionate about the breed, and want to keep their prized lineages going. Listen closely to how they are talking to you, and you will quickly know if they are just in the business for money, or are in it for the love of the dogs. It is very obvious which one you will get the best Bernese from. Taking a little extra time to evaluate your breeders are going to make sure you get the best dog and have the best opportunities for future breeding.

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