6 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Pet Snakes

Have you made the decision to buy a pet snake? Do you know any facts about snakes and how to care for them properly? Many new snake owners just run out to the pet store because it sounds like fun. Make sure you know what you are getting into before making your purchase.

Which snakes make the best pets

The problem with just running out to buy a snake without knowing the facts about snakes is you may end up with a snake which is much different than you expected. Different species of snakes have different dispositions, handling needs, and feeding requirements.

Be aware of the commitment that is required when you buy a snake

The number one fact about snakes you must know is the longevity of their life. You are not making a short time commitment, this is for the long haul. A snake can live 15 to 20 years and some live even longer. It is not like buying a tropical fish and expecting it to live only a year or two.

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What type of dietary needs does a snake have?

The second fact which may not stop you, but may bring the rest of your family to a screeching halt, is a snake’s dietary needs. Many of the most common snakes kept by enthusiasts require live food. This live food normally takes the form of mice, chicks, and other small animals. This is true especially for the constrictor family which includes popular snakes like the Corn Snake, Ball Python, and Rosy Boa. Many of these snakes will accept frozen mice which have been thawed which may be more easily accepted by your family.

The temperament of a snake

The third of the facts about snakes you must be aware of is their temperament. Most snakes available in pet stores are relatively docile and will not bite in normal situations. These same snakes may become very likely to bite if handled during shedding, or when they are feeding. Shedding can result in more sensitive skin and make your snake react. During feeding, they will protect their food. Make sure everyone in the house knows these facts.

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Make a feeding schedule

Our fourth fact about snakes is another important part of snake feeding. Most snakes do not require daily feeding. Depending on the species it may only require feeding every other day, every few days, or in some cases even longer. Make sure you visit with the pet store staff and research your species so you feed on the proper schedule.

Can you tame a snake?

The most important facts about snakes are they are a wild animal at heart. Do not become complacent and assume your snake respects you, loves you or even cares what you think. They are not similar to cats and dogs which become attached to you and are a domesticated animal. This is not indicating snakes are dangerous if handled properly, but the simple fact you must always treat them with proper respect and caution. Getting a book on your species of snake is always a great idea to learn more details.


By taking these few facts about snakes into mind you can be prepared for your new adventure. Snake ownership is fun and rewarding if you know the facts.

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