Ball Python – The Snake Your Entire Family Can Learn to Love

Adding a Ball Python to your family is not a task many families undertake. Snakes while being great pets are still looked upon with fear and concern by many parents. A Ball Python could quickly change even the most die-hard snake hater into an avid fan of snakes.

Why is the Ball Python such a great snake for a family? It is very docile and easy to handle the snake. Being a constrictor snake it is extremely rare for a Ball Python to attempt to bite anyone. If it does attempt to bite it is almost always in reaction to being hurt or threatened by the handler.

A Ball Python is not a tiny snake. They can reach a length of around 5 feet. While this size looks very impressive, it is still an easy to handle size. The more amazing portion of this snake is how long it will be part of your family. The life expectancy of a Ball Python is around 30 years. Take this into consideration when buying this pet. It may be with you all the way until your retirement.

As far as dietary needs, the Ball Python is fairly easy. It does eat mice. The good news, you will not need to worry about live mice unless you want to. Most Ball Pythons are very content eating frozen mice which you simply thaw out. Even more amazing is the infrequency you do your feedings. Young snakes need added nutrition for growth and should be fed about 2 to 3 times per week. Mature adults only require feeding one time each week. Talk about being a convenient pet to own.

Your Ball Python is going to want a fairly sizable bowl of water. They enjoy submerging themselves in water and can make a real mess out of it. Plan on giving them a clean bowl of water every day.

While many reptiles love to have company this is not the case with your Ball Python. Keep them separate in their own terrarium.

One of the biggest choices you will need to make once you have made the decision to get a Ball Python is choosing your color. There are a variety of different Ball Pythons ranging in color from the standard Black and tan to a deep red color. All of them are peaceful and easy to handle.

While a Ball Python is a fairly large snake they spend a large amount of their time balled up. For this reason, they are very comfortable in a 20-gallon aquarium until they are approaching full size. A mature adult is better to be kept in a 30 to a 40-gallon aquarium to give them additional room to move. When you set up the aquarium make sure to give your Python a great place to hide. This can be made from a log with a hollowing underneath, or stones which provide them a getaway.

Once you have your first Ball Python your families opinions about snakes will quickly change. They will discover not all snakes are vicious creatures, but more commonly they are peaceful and safe.

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