American Curl Cat – Step Up To A Special Breed of Cat

The American Curl Cat is one of the most interesting cats you will run across. If you want a cat which is going to bring smiles to your family, friends, and potentially at cat shows, the American Curl is excellent.

The Curl in their name comes from the appearance of their ears. Where most cats have nice straight perky ears the Curl Cat has special ears. Their ears curl back away from the front of their face giving them a unique appearance. It is not just the curl of the ears which makes them look special but the tufts of hair coming outward from the ears, too. The best example of how their ears look would come from a Lynx.

Just having special ears is not going to be enough to convince most people this is the cat for them. The Curl Cat has a gorgeous tail to go along with their ears. The tail is a soft, full tail, looking like a ladies dress boa or a little like a feather duster.

Appearances are not everything when choosing a cat, even more, important is personality. The American Curl Cat is one of the most loving cats in the world. You can expect plenty of kisses, snuggling, and love your cat. This cat is a very social creature and will want to spend time with every member of the family. Do not worry about them being shy if they want attention they will come and let you know. With their playful personality expect them to swat your newspaper out of the way, to swat at your pant legs, or to climb up on the chair behind your head and start cooing at you. When they are ready for attention they will seek out family members to get it.

Many people adore the playfulness of their kittens and once they grow up to become a bit bored with their cats. If you want a cat which maintains their playful spirit throughout their adult life then the Curl Cat will be your perfect match. Just because they are two, three, or seven years old does not mean it is time to grow up and become serious. They are going to still want to swat the ball around, chase after the string, and give you and your children plentiful laughs.

This playfulness is one of the key reasons the Curl is one of the most recommended cats for families with children. Children want a pet which keeps playing with them and keeps them entertained. Once a dog or cat becomes calm and boring, they have no more interest. The Curl Cat is one pet which will keep seeking out your children demanding to play.

It is really hard to find any negatives with the American Curl Cat unless you want your cat to grow up. If you want to have a unique looking cat, playfulness, loving personality, and a cat which is naturally healthy, the Curl Cat needs to be allowed to join your family. In just a few days you will not be able to imagine life without your Curl Cat taking over the house and your hearts.

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