American Bull Dogs – Should This Dog Be Used as the Standard We Hold All Americans To?

What is it about the American Bull Dogs which makes them an animal which every American should strive to emulate?  While they are a good looking dog, they are definitely not classified as beautiful, so we can eliminate beauty as the criteria.

The first trait which American Bull Dogs display which is one we should try to emulate is stubborn loyalty.  When these dogs adopt your family they take the job very seriously.  They are ready to protect you and your family from all kinds of predators from the simple house cat next door, to the burglar breaking into your home.  They would even attempt to stand up to a raging bull or charging bear to protect you and your family.

American Bull Dogs were bred to be working dogs.  They enjoy getting outside and being challenged with hard work.  Every American should be willing to take on the task of hard work they face with as much enthusiasm as the bulldog.  Bull Dogs are usually playful while they work, showing how much they enjoy the tasks they are undertaking.  How exciting could life be if we could face our work with joy and excitement?

When the work is finished, and all the risks are eliminated, the American Bull Dogs are ready to put on their smiling playful face.  They can switch from being totally serious about the task at hand to being a playful child ready for games.  Think how much more pleasure we would get from life if we could leave behind our troubles, relax and take time to play with unbridled joy with our children.  This trait makes this breed an ideal pet for most families.

Fearlessly determined is a description commonly used about the American Bull Dogs.  Imagine everything we could accomplish for ourselves and as a country if we were fearlessly determined.  When you put your fears and work diligently at the tasks at hand you create the environment of success.  This trait helps to make a great pet, also.  Your dog is insistent on being part of the family, and of taking care of everyone.  You will learn to love and respect this pet.

When you add in there being a hardy and healthy dog, which is another thing we all strive for, it is hard to imagine a better breed of dog for your family.  Who does not want to have great natural health throughout most of their life?

When you stop to ponder these traits of the American Bull Dogs you may start to believe it should be named the national symbol.  The traits which make this dog a treasured part of people’s families are the same traits which can lead us all to success.  Tenacity, Love, Joy, Determination, and Fearlessness, those are traits we should all strive to have and to love in the pet we choose to add to our family.

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