American Bobtail Cat – The Wild Looking, Fun Loving Cat for Your Family

There is one cat who appears to have stepped right out of the wild and into your home. The American Bobtail Cat has all the appearance of their cousin the Bobtailed Wildcat. The only things which are going to tip you off are the smaller size, and when they open their mouth their voice comes out as chirp or trill instead of the ferocious warning of the Wildcat.

While the Bobtail Cat is a powerfully built cat, it is mild and playful in nature. Your biggest fear should be in their playful attitude. When you are sitting quietly trying to read a book or watch your favorite TV show, they will insist on playing a game. They are persistent and will keep reminding you they are waiting to play until you finally cave in and set aside that less important task and play with the king of the house.

Parents may feel a little concern at having a larger powerful cat like the American Bobtail Cat around their children. This would be a tragedy. The Bobtail loves children, is highly tolerant of being carried, and just placidly enjoys the ride as your kids scoop them up and head around the house. There is one other big advantage if you have children. With the shorter tail, there is less danger of your children grabbing a handful of the tail.

One trait which makes the Bobtail cat very family friendly is their ability to be leash trained. You and your children will be able to take your cat for a pleasant walk without fearing they are going to disappear around the corner, up the tree, or down the storm sewer. Your cat will love to play games like fetch and hide and seek. With all of these fun traits, this could be one of the best cats to bring home to a house full of children.

What if you are adding a cat because you live alone and would like companionship? The American Bobtail Cat enjoys this role as well. They have an uncanny ability to determine their owner’s moods and to give you just the right behavior. If you are in a cheerful upbeat mood they are ready to play and keep you entertained. When you are melancholy, quiet, or sad, they will climb in your lap and give you the love and comfort you are craving.

What are the negative traits of the American Bobtail Cat? The only one you will be able to find is if you love a long full tail. Their personality, love of family, ability to bond with their owners, and their powerful and healthy body make them an ideal cat for almost any home. Talk to families who already own a Bobtail and see what they have to say. You are going to hear story after story about the love of their cats. You will soon be on the phone hunting down a breeder to get your Bobtail on the way to their new family.

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