portuguese water dog

7 Great Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy The Natural Way

It’s a dog’s life but why should that idiom have to mean a miserably unhappy existence? A dog’s life is awesome because you get to sleep a lot, chase wildly after small creatures, and get endless cuddles. Being a dog is great . . . that is if their owner it taking care of their … Read more

heated dog house

15 Tips For Building a Custom Dog House [Guide]

Does your dog have personality and a unique attitude? You should be looking at plans for a custom dog house to match their personality and style. When your pet is special, their refuge should be special, too. Custom Dog House Planning Custom dog houses can start off by matching the size of the dog house … Read more

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Dog Health Issues

Has your dog started having seizures? Epilepsy in dogs most commonly starts in dogs between the ages of 2 to 3 years old. Some puppies start experiencing seizures as young as 6 months old. Luckily epileptic seizures are not highly common, and most times are not life-threatening. Symptoms Of Seizure The first time you see … Read more

bad cat behavior

The Best Tips For Eliminating Bad Cat Behavior

Do you have a misbehaving cat? Inappropriate cat behavior can normally be lumped into just a few categories, and then dealt with. One rule you must remember, never try to train your cat multiple new behaviors at one time. Choose the one behavior which is either most dangerous to your cat, or is most annoying … Read more

raw cat food

Cat Food – The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Do you ever wonder how much nutrition is really in those bags of dry cat food? At the price, you pay you would expect the nutritional value to be very high. While the labels will tell you your cat is getting great nutrition, much of it is added in supplements, not for the actual food … Read more

orange canary

Facts About The Canary

It sounds so simple, breeding canaries. Before you jump to the conclusion it will be easy to just jump into becoming one of the canary breeders you need to look a little deeper. How To Know If Your Canary Is a Male Or Female? The starting point to all challenges for canary breeders starts with … Read more

five quick facts about parakeets

All You Need To Know About The Parakeets

Do you love seeing the energy in flight? The colorful little parakeet birds we contain in those tiny cages in our homes are some of the most energetic and beautiful creatures to take flight. If you have any doubts, wait until the one day you leave the cage door open a moment too long. Your … Read more

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Dog Health Tips

One of the most common problems dogs is taken to the veterinarian for is dog skin conditions. There is a wide range of skin conditions which afflict dogs, and as a dog owner, you need to be aware of some of the most common. The one almost every dog owner fears and suspects is mange. … Read more

bernese mountain dog

What You Should Know About The Bernice Mountain Dog

The Bernice Mountain Dog, more commonly known as the Bernese Mountain Dog, is a very large breed. Often large breeds of dogs do not have the colors and beauty of many of the smaller breeds, but this is one case where nature decided big is beautiful. With their three colored coat of hair in black, … Read more

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How To Choose The Best Dog Food

Do you know what to look for in your dog food? Were you under the impression all dog food was just about the same, except for the differences in the pretty packaging and the crazy differences in prices? By doing a dog food comparison you will discover some very large differences in how the foods … Read more